What is inflation?

Inflation is a process that affects purchasing power.




What happens to your savings?



Your purchasing power will decrease by:

0 €

Your savings in 0 years will be worth 0 € at today’s value.

There’s only one solution - investing

You can only escape inflation if you choose not to keep money in your bank account.
Of the numerous ways to invest your money, gold has many advantages.

No prior knowledge needed info
A liquid asset info
The transaction only takes a few minutes info
You can start with a small amount info

Why choose gold?

Gold retains the value of money and can even increase.

Emma decided to leave her money in her bank account, while James invested in gold. See how it turned out for them.


Emma invested € 1,000 worth of savings into her savings account in 2017.

Today, she still has 1,000 €
Aufort Aufort

James invested € 1,000 worth of gold in 2017.

Today, it is worth 1,622 €*

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Save the value of money

Gold has been valued for centuries. If you keep your savings in gold, you’ll retain its purchasing power for the future.


Safe and quick transactions

Buying gold with Aufort is easy, safe and fast. If you wish to convert it back to cash later, it will only take a few minutes.

Gold and silver already bought for

  207 279,05 g

World market price of gold and silver

Why choose a Gold Account?

Protects your reserve fund

Many people have some money in their bank account so that they’re prepared for the unexpected. You have one too? That’s awesome!

Be smart and convert your reserve fund into precious metals – this way, your savings retain their value. If necessary, you can convert it back to cash easily, either in part or in full.

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Helps you to save reasonably

It’s a great habit to transfer a certain amount of money to your savings account every month. However, because of inflation, money should not be left in your savings account!

For those who like to save regularly, we have created an AufortGold subscription option. This is a great way to instantly turn your money into valuable gold each month.

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Makes your children’s money grow

Have you opened a savings account for your children? If you have, the next step is to ensure that the money will have guaranteed future value.

If you invest your children’s money in gold, its value will grow in the years to come and will really make a difference when they become independent.

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Reliable investment option

Even world-famous investors store a portion of their assets in precious metals. It’s simply such a reliable and trustworthy option

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you want to invest a larger amount – investing in gold is suitable for everyone.

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